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What’s It All About?

The iLawn Bowl program visits local schools. We take over a Phys Ed class or classes for various drills and team-building activities which introduce students to the sport of Lawn Bowling. It is a highly interactive program with the emphasis on fun! We are teaching the Sport of Lawn Bowling through different skills and activities….

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We Know It Works…

This program was tested at West Vancouver Secondary School with great success. We put the students into 6 groups of 5 and we set up different stations for the students to test out and try their new skills. Scorecards were made for the teams so they could keep track of how they were doing. A…

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How Do We Get Involved?

The Program is simple to get involved with. The program has trained instructors that come to your school to share the Sport of Lawn Bowling. All the equipment is provided for an introduction to a sport that can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities! It starts with the teachers decision to try…

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